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Successful eBussy launch, prototyping & crowdfunding

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You won't believe how much we were looking forward to sending this first newsletter to you and all other friends of a sustainable and electric future! Ever since eBussy inventor Ralf Haller had a flux compensator-like enlightenment in summer 2017, our whole team has been looking forward to this moment. Because, just like the eBussy itself, the start of communication with our community is a matter of the heart for us.

You and many others who share the idea of the eBussy have played a big part in bringing us to this point. Still completely overwhelmed by the speed and the mass of positive feedback, we would never have dreamed that only three years after the first idea we would be so close to the completion of a prototype and only one year away from entering the market.

But let’s step on the brakes once again and have a quick look back...
Was has happened so far

On 11th of May 2020 we published the completely redesigned ElectricBrands website. Without any press release, without any activity in the social networks, basically without telling a soul about it. Nevertheless, we have already registered over a quarter of a million visitors in the past three months.

But not only us and our community were euphoric right from the beginning, our distribution partners are also keeping their fingers on the pulse. Not even ten months after we had started the acquisition of a nationwide eBussy dealer network, we celebrated the 100th car dealership as a contractual partner on June 1, 2020, even though everyone only knows the world's most innovative electric light vehicle on paper.

An article in Auto-Motor-Sport at the beginning of July set off a veritable avalanche of inquiries and reports. No matter if Auto-Bild, Stern or Wirtschaftswoche, no matter if Germany, USA or Australia, all of them reported about the eBussy.
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In the social networks, #ebussy also went through the roof, made it from 0 to 100 in the top Twitter trends in the USA and our only eBussy video on YouTube has been viewed over 380,000 times. And all this without our marketing team having to contribute a lot.

But all this is nothing compared to what really counts: What is the feedback from you and all who share our vision. Only in the last 2 months, more than 3,200 people from 72 countries have already reserved the eBussy and were happy to receive a €1,000 voucher and a personal production number.

In addition, thanks to the great feedback we receive, we can hardly avoid getting inspired by new ideas and suggestions and do our best to incorporate them into the development of the eBussy and our service.

But enough about what you already know and could follow live. Of course we also have some exclusive insights for you!


No, this is not Fake News - we want to present you the first eBussy prototype this late autumn / winter! Our premium cooperation partner, the Ideenion Automobil AG, is working with their entire team just as enthusiastically as we are on the eBussy project and is currently working hard on the chassis.

The experts from Bavaria around Mirko Konta and Nigel Westwood have already created a real firework of technical craftsmanship for Audi, Bosch, Byton and many others and are currently on the way to put a shovel on top of the eBussy.

Which version of the eBussy we will present to you in detail in a few months still remains our secret, but already next week we will show you a lot of exclusive insights into the prototyping of Ideenion on our Facebook page.
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We are very proud of the fact that the number of eBussy supporters became so large that we can hardly manage to answer all requests and offers personally (which we actually do). Many don't just want to drive an eBussy, many also want to help us with our challenges and invest in our company.

For this reason, and to ensure that we not only achieve our major goals on schedule, but also surpass them, we will launch an insider crowd campaign in November 2020 at the latest - due to your countless requests. This insider crowd campaign is initially only intended for our existing crowd consisting of you, our dealers and some cooperation partners and will not be public. Here we will offer a super deal and then follow up in January 2021 with a large-scale and public crowdfunding campaign where everyone - from the smallest investor to the big investor - will have the opportunity to help shape the success story of eBussy.
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You will get all the details about the upcoming crowdfunding campaign in our following ElectricBrands Insights, which we will send you at least once a month from now on.

Once again, thank you very much for your interest in eBussy and your support! We are still very happy about all ideas and suggestions, because you can take us at our word:

eBussy is made for you!
You have questions about eBussy?

Check out our continuously updated FAQ:

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