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One month has already passed since the first eBussy Insights. We hope you are still as excited and curious as we are! The preparations are running at full speed and we are completely immersed in the eBussy project. Nevertheless, we will roll out underneath the vehicle for a short time, because we don't want to keep the current insights from you and provide you with a small update of the past month.
Adaptation of the homologation

The most important things first! After your numerous feedback on the maximum speed and safety of the vehicle, we have decided to adapt the category within homologation class L7e. We are making this adjustment after careful consideration and hotly discussed pro and contra lists. We have decided to launch the eBussy in homologation class L7e-B2 for your safety and for the higher maximum speed of the eBussy desired by an overwhelming majority of the reservers.

Due to the current safety regulations of the previous category under L7e, some restrictions in terms of speed, weight and vehicle size had to be accepted. In order to free ourselves from these restrictions to your advantage and because we want to produce the most innovative and safest light vehicle in the world, we finally decided to make this change.

What does the change mean for vehicle characteristics?

In comparison, it means more flexibility and scope for design in many respects. On the one hand, this allows us to respond to the most frequently expressed customer request regarding speed, as the eBussy will now be able to reach a top speed of at least 100 km/h. In addition, the eBussy is no longer subject to the previously applicable weight and size specifications, which means that we will also have greater freedom in the design of the eBussy in this context.
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While this scenario means that we will have to reduce the number of passengers to three possible passengers, we do not see this as a disadvantage or a step backwards from a safety point of view. Despite the legal restriction to carry only 3 passengers, the eBussy will continue to be equipped with 4 seats and also 4 seat belt systems, as announced.

But who would we be if we did not already have other ideas up our sleeve, such as a so-called "S" or "XL" version of the eBussy. Yes, you have read correctly, we have an eBussy XL in planning which will reach the size and performance parameters of a common van. Furthermore we have an eBussy S in planning which will be even smaller than the regular eBussy, but we will not reveal more at this point. 😉
Social Media

September 1st was the starting point for our Facebook page. In order to keep our electro fans continuously up to date, to provide exclusive insights and to make them more familiar with the eBussy project step by step, we published regular posts on various topics. From already published articles to product-related details to exclusive insights into our production, everything is included...and there's more to come!
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We are proud to have already gained 8,000 subscribers in such a short time and are still very motivated to reach more and more people with interesting and versatile content and to respond to comments and remarks in direct exchange.
Dealer network & market entry

Our dealer network is growing and growing. In a few days we will start the Europe-wide dealer network development for you. The following countries will have a comprehensive dealer and service network by the start of production in December 2020: Austria, Switzerland, England and Ireland, Italy, Spain, Portugal, France, Luxembourg, Holland, Belgium, Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland.
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Other countries will follow shortly. This also means that we will deliver the vehicles ordered in each of these countries at the same time as Germany. Outside Europe, we are in discussions with many potential sales and licensing partners. Here, too, it is our goal to make the eBussy available to you as soon as possible. We will always keep you up to date on this.
eBussy success model

The concept of the eBussy is mainly determined by flexibility and versatility. We have selected a range of different modules and vehicle variants so that you can tailor the eBussy to your individual needs. Whether for private purposes or for business matters, whether for long distance travel or city life, nothing stands in the way of your personal vehicle.

Most of the reservations made so far can be traced back to our heart, the eBussy Camper. What was originally designed by us as more than a gag and out of a wishful thinking has developed into a highlight and now accounts for half of our total reservations. In order to meet this enormous demand and to fulfil the set expectations, we are currently doing our utmost to design the coolest and most unique mini camper for you!

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As you can see, we react to your wishes, the wishes of our customers quickly and with many new innovative ideas. We still value your feedback and suggestions and are always open to honest feedback. We will take your feedback into account wherever possible when developing the eBussy.
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